I have been writing, editing, and occasionally self-publishing since I was a kid. Over the years, this has run the gamut. I was a reporter and then editor for my high school's weekly newspaper. I edited and contributed to various punk and underground zines. Later I took to long-form journalism on national security and politics, some of which got published in the alternative press of the day. As the World Wide Web became a thing, I was an early publisher of e-zines and web magazines. In my subsequent career as a web developer I have done a great deal of technical writing, documentation, and consulting reports. Throughout it all I've written press releases, program notes, scripts for film and performance, blog posts, songs, and reviews.

Below you will find a few non-NDA samples.

Program notes for film screenings

Since co-founding The Sprocket Society in 2007, I have compiled and written program notes for its screenings. These booklets include production histories, biographical profiles, preservation info, and excerpts from archival sources. I always like to include annotated bibliographies, sharing source info so that folks can dig in deeper on films or artists that interest them.

Full PDFs of these program notes can be downloaded from The Sprocket Society's web site.

Blog archive

For many years, I maintained a blog called Mugu Brainpan. After languishing for several years, I finally decommissioned it in 2016. A few of my posts have been cited elsewhere in footnotes, or linked to as source info. These are archived below. (The original URLs are still active but redirect here.)